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    Cadillac ATS Forum ZZPerformance Offers ATS 2.0T Aftermarket Parts!

    I have used them in the past for my '07 Cobalt 2.0 SS/SC with great success, and now they offer this. I would check them out as ZZPerformance has been doing a lot of R&D on the ATS 2.0T. ZZPerformance ATS
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    Cadillac ATS Forum '14 ATS 2.0T w/ Multiple Issues....

    '14 ATS 2.0T w/ 11,738 miles and already has issues. 1) AC smells moldy and mildewy after using the AC then letting the car sit (apparently there is now a service bulletin to address/fix this). 2) Car chimes at random while driving. 3) Microphone for the hands free makes extremely audible noise...