2013 Cadillac ATS going through rotors every 30 days!

HELP! I have a 2013 Cadillac ATS (93,000 miles). I bought the vehicle at 65,000 miles. Since I bought it the vehicle had some vibration in the front and pulls to the right slightly. I brought it back to the dealership (under warranty) and they said well "it is All Wheel Drive and you will have some vibration" which I knew was crap. Timeline....June 2020 - They resurfaced all 4 rims and rebuilt rear differential. Still have vibration. October 2020 - New Front Brakes and Rotors, 2 control arms, alignment, tranny fluid and filter. November 2020 - New back brakes and rotors. March 2021 - New Front Brakes and Rotors. May 2021 - New Front Brakes and Rotors and Calipers for both sides. June 12, 2021 - New Front Rotors, New Hubs on front both sides, New back brakes and rotors. As you can see I am going through rotors every month or so. These are Brembo brakes and rotors with new OEM Brembo/Cadillac Calipers (front). I just had all this done last week and now a week later I have vibration when stopping in my rotors AGAIN! I am at a loss of what can be causing this! Does anyone know or have this same issue and have any suggestions. I am tired of spending my money on this vehicle.

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