Cadillac ATS Upgraded All Weather and Original Floor Mats

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I purchased a 2013 Cadillac ATS brand new from the dealer. The car came with the original floor mats as well as the upgraded all weather rubber floor mats. The all weather mats are great for winter. They hold water and salt and just need to be rinsed off since they are rubber.

My parents have since bought me a different set of floor mats, not knowing I already had 2 sets. So I have these 2 extra sets of floor mats that are not needed anymore.

The mats are in a brand new state. The original floor mats were used for 5 weeks. The all weather floor mats were used for 5 weeks. I got them washed and ready to go to their new owner.

I can send pics to an email address if requested.

Now just the upgraded all weather floor mats alone are $175 new. The original mats are $100. I am selling mats valued at $275 for just $150.

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