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When I first paired my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to CUE, I was able to play media audio through it via Bluetooth without any issues.

Next thing I know, I'm having trouble getting the Note 3 to be recognized by the CUE as a Bluetooth media option. I unpaired, re-paired and eventually got it to work.

NOW, I can connect and use the phone aspect of the Note 3 through CUE but it doesn't recognize my Note 3 as a media option.

I'll be honest, I think the sound system in my ATS-V is substandard. Then again, I'm used to having a competition grade system that I install myself. The CUE is a weak link and may become the one thing I hate about this car. I've only owned the car for two months and am already trying to determine how to upgrade the sound system. For an $82K car, this Bose sound system BLOWS.

My issue with recognition of the Note 3 via Bluetooth as a media player infuriates me. Why does the CUE recognize and allow it for use as a phone yet it no longer recognizes and allows it as a media option?

Any help you can offer will be GREATLY appreciated!!!

For those of you who have moved on towards replacing the stock sound system with a better system....I hope to hear from you as well.

I LOVE the car. I really do. I HATE the CUE and feel that I'm handcuffed in regards to making my sound system become what I expect.

Thanks to all!

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